Gibram Herrera considers himself not that busy yet averages around 6 hours of sleep. He focuses on many of his hobbies rather than his obligations. While going to school full time and having 2 jobs, he somehow manages to dabble in painting, drawing, filming, video-gaming and photography.

His photography range is a bit off, for lack of a better word, in terms of it being basic. While he loves to shoot cities and keep pictures simple, he also loves to partake in personal photo shoots that “flip the script a bit.”

“I love leaving a person thinking with a photo,” Gibram said, “I want them to be intrigued in even the smallest of details.”

Feel free to contact Gibram to request a shoot or for anything not as important through any of the social media links posted below.

His Instagram (@gbrmh) has been pretty dead lately. Not because the world around him isn’t interesting but because the passion to upload pictures has slowly been fading away. Gibram is positive his passion will reignite with the new year. #2017

His Twitter (@gbrmhrr) is basically a digital shower of memes and funny videos. Every now and then Gibram will tweet something impressive or whatever rap lyric is stuck in his head that day.

His Tumblr ( hasn’t been posted on lately due to Gibram only using it to keep up to date with some of his favorite artists. He no longer finds the thrill of the tumblr life he once had in 2012.

His Facebook (/gibramh) is probably the most depressing of all his social media. Having his more successful and active Facebook account deleted in 2013, Gibram never regained the will to actually try on Facebook. He still puts up a fire quote every now and then.

His YouTube (/gibram32) holds a couple videos he himself has made over the years, mostly for nostalgia purposes. Surprisingly still active ever since created in 2006.

His Snapchat (@gibcocacola) is his most used social media. There has never been a snap posted Gibram didn’t feel proud in. Add him now to have your day made.